George Peyton was our First Place winner of the Cell Phone, Landscapes division- About the image, his business and future plans he wrote to me:

The photo that won the landscape competition was one of my first forays into HDR photography. The HDR pro app for the iPhone is amazing.
I took that photo late one evening after seeing that amazing sunset and sky on my drive home. I kept hoping the whole ride that I would make it home in time to capture it on my phone. I was amazed at the colors that emerged from the picture. It was this picture that started my love of HDR and it has been great fun capturing these amazing stylized photographs.

I shoot with a Canon 5D mkII as well as my iPhone. I often use the iPhone to pre-conceptulize my HDR shoots, as it give me immediate feedback as to how a composition may look.I’ve also taken great pride in showing other that photography is not an elitist pastime, and that with even a lowly camera phone its possible to take great photos. The trick is to just shoot it. Not every shot is great, but the process is always fun.

A little about me. I am the owner of a design and printing company White Tiger Graphics founded in 1988.
WTG specializes in printing for the restaurant industry.

I have just recently begun putting my personal photography studio together.

The Studio is called Lost or Forgotten Photography. I am putting the website together now and it will launch to coincide with the opening of the studio:

I’ve launched a facebook fan page where you can see some of my works.

My personal style is a blend of photography and digital painting. I also love Urban Exploration and am really enjoying the combination of explring and capturing the beauty of the Lost or Forgotten.

I plan to open the studio in the next couple of weeks. The studio will not only be my personal studio, but it will be available for local photographers to use/rent as well.
We have 3000 sqft of open space as well as a post production area, and lounge and kitchen facilities. I am hoping to help promote the area pro and semi pro photographers through shows and photo gatherings.

I am greatly enjoying where this endeavor is taking me.

Be sure to check out George’s HDR work on his facebook page- Pretty much some of the best I have ever seen. WOW!