If you own an iPhone or other compatible phone, enjoyed treasure hunting as a child, like Nature, Adventures, hide and seek and just being a kid again, get this App- you wont regret it. Geo Caching is a Hide and Seek / Treasure Hunt game played by people all over the world. Essentailly people hide little treasures called “caches” (they are usually not worth anything) all over the world (there are nearly 1,000,000). The idea is that you can go on a Treasure Hunt using the App and find these “caches”. There are different types and rules, but the idea is if you take something, you should leave something. The App feeds you the GPS co-ordinates as you go, and there are even hints and descriptions to help.

My good friend Thad, his wife Roz and I went looking for one that just so happened to be near his home. We couldn’t find it, but it was fun to try. I think the best part is, it gets you outdoors and to have a new adventure everytime. I havent had a lot of free time, so this was a new way to relax a little and have fun. Ill probably start hiding my own soon, but the will be extra cool, and or valuable. 😀

Geo Caching