Gearing up to head out again tomorrow. Very excited to get back into the mix of things and finding these pockets of people who aren’t getting aid. I feel well rested and have most of my strength and energy back. We should be working until this weekend. We have picked up 5-6 new volunteers working with our group- they are from southern Japan and don’t speak English. Originally they were to translate for an Israeli Medical Clinic, but the clinic didn’t need them. It will be interesting to see how they fit into the system we have worked so hard to create. I sincerely hope they are prepared for the cold, I know I wasn’t.

One down side is that Nate Farnsworth is heading home tomorrow. Hard to believe that he has been here for 2 weeks already. Nate brought me several very important pieces of equipment and has been an integral part of our success since the day of his arrival. It has been fun to have him here and I am sad to see him go, but very thankful to him, his family and all those who made that happen. We have experienced many unique things together and I consider him a true friend. I also know the service he has provided has blessed many, many lives and his sacrifice from work and his family was well spent. Thank you so much Nate for coming out and being here with us!

This afternoon I was able to do a quick Speedlite Crash Course with 2 of Nathan’s brothers, Paul and Joshua, and in the hour or so together was able to give them the most important lessons about their flash units and shooting tips. I thought this one Joshua took of Nate was particularly awesome- remember, this is straight out of the camera. Everything I taught is covered on the Speedlite Crash Course DVD.
Joshua and Paul then took us out to eat at an authentic Kobe Beef Steakhouse. It was absolutely incredible. We then fit some fantastic ice cream and spent most of the night laughing. Nate and I are both amazed how we feel like we have known the Meysen group for so long, as well as how we click so well together. They are wonderfully good people and have treated us like family.

530am wake up call- Very ready to find these people who need help.