Gear Post for all my Gear Buddies out there. I’ve been asked recently which is my go to camera and I’m shooting almost exclusively with the #a7rii now. It’s just really good at so many different things, stills, videos, etc. The only exceptions are that I’ll still use my #canon bodies for fast moving sports type shots and I occasionally still use my #gh4 for video but since the A7rii showed up it gets about 90% of my shooting use. I’m torn on the G Series lenses, they look incredible, but I’m also quite happy with my Canon glass on the A7rii with a #metabones adapter. If a worthy #5d3 replacement that shoots 4K comes out, I’ll be glad I kept all my Canon lenses. I’ve been shooting a lot of sunsets lately and use a #bogen carbon fiber tripod with a ZPro filter set. Feel free to ask any questions below!