With all the of video production I do, I am constantly looking at better ways to have an “archive” of completed footage. In addition to the many DVD copies we make, there are typically 3-4 other master copies that exist between myself and at least one other people who lives in a different location. For the last 4.5 years or so, I my personal back-ups are split between one copy on a portable external HD, and a G Raid 1TB USB Firewire Drive. That drive, 4.5 years later is still running strong, while the cheaper external HDs have already had some hiccups. G Raid drives are very expensive, but they are built to last, you can tell from the solid aluminum housing, which is highly “look-alike” to high end Apple devices. I finally had to bite the bullet on a new G Raid Drive. Dual Thunderbolt ports. 800Mb/s -Twice as fast as USB 3.0, 12 times as fast as FIrewire 800.
They have a number of different models and sizes, and I highly recommend them:

G Raid 8 TB Drive – G Raid – 8 TB Thunderbolt Drive