So I have been quite busy the last few months, I hope to be able to share some of them soon.

One thing I have been spending a lot of time on recently, is design, and I have finally had to pull the trigger to force myself to learn Fusion 360, which is basically Illustrator for CAD. CAD files are geometry and vector shapes, instead of stl files which are mostly just a bunch of triangles put together.

CAD files are the manufacturing design standard and allow for precision plans which can be converted into actual CNC routing for example. In the past, I have relied on an intermediary (a person) to go from my tinkercad designs to CAD, but I have so many projects Im working on, I would rather just learn CAD, and I believe the best program for that is Fusion 360.

Not very intuitive, but it is starting to make sense. I think Ill have the basics down in a few more weeks.

There is a significant learning curve, but tons of videos on Youtube to help.
If you intend to use it for personal use or a start up, there are some trials available and it sometimes goes on sale:

Fusion 360