Been taking it easy the last few days (a well needed break) and had a great day today in Provo for the BYU game. It’s always kind of a pain to go to any football game with the traffic and what not, but usually worth the effort. My good friend Warren and I have figured out the best route in and out and for the most part we avoid nearly all the traffic. Tried to play “Cash Maven” today twice, at the first location no one showed up and at the second location, I couldnt get the tweet out (it was very difficult to get internet connection from the stadium). Lesson learned, I think Cash Maven is still a fun idea, but probably not really meant to be played in real time at an extremely busy cell network area. In the future I will try to give more warning where I will be and when. I had my questions all written out and everything, fun idea- poorly executed. I am also feeling quite small. 🙂

In any event, being a former player, Coach Mendenhall has given us some special access before the games and I am allowed on the field, so I brought Warrens son with me- many of you will notice him from some of the training DVDs as the boy jumping on the trampoline. It’s so fun to see his excitement about football and life in general. Hanging out with Warren and his kids make me really wish I was married and had kids of my own. Its always good to be with them and relax/do fun things with them.

Heading back up to Idaho tomorrow, then back to Az on Tuesday. I have a few loose ends that still need tying, and then off to Maui sometime next week. Exciting times.