The Announcement of the Fuji XT4 appears to be imminent and thanks to it appears this announcement is coming on Feb 4th. It is probable we will get more information trickling out so if you are interested in Fuji, this is a website you will want to keep an eye on. With Fuji’s decision to discontinue the XH1 late last year, selling remaining models at deep discounts, all indications are that something much better is coming, specifically due to an upgraded IBIS (or internal image body stabilization). No words on resolution, video specs or much else. but my thoughts have been for a while that Fuji is developing a very high performing APSC sports shooter due to the existence of the Fuji 200 F2 which doesn’t seem to have a camera to match. Batteries often limit fps, so in order for it to be beyond the 11 of the XT3 mechanical, its likely we will see either a new battery or grip that will allow for greater than 11fps sustained.

2 Other fuji cameras are expected to be announced. If fuji continues to push the innovation as it has in the past, 2020 could be their year for APSC cameras.

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