This is a great review if you’re looking to pick up some extra batteries for your GH5 or GH4 (they use the same batteries). They tested three different third party batteries vs the Panasonic batteries. The first round of batteries (Dot1) were an absolute disaster and they ended up losing an entire project’s footage. Then they tested Newmowa and Wasabi Power batteries. These two brands offered similar results in terms of record time. As mentioned in the video longevity and performance under wear and tear is impossible to predict as they’ve only been using the batteries for a few weeks.

If you’re a professional skimping on important gear like batteries is probably never a good idea. Since a Panasonic battery is about $55 dollars it’s probably worth the investment if you’re being paid for a gig. But it’s nice to know there are other options especially for the prosumer or beginner user.

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