I was tipped off to this guy’s video’s on Youtube- do not underestimate him. He has a very down to earth attitude, and he is very good at what he does, which is visual and special effects. Freddie and his friends are extremely talented, most of what they are doing can be done with most video cameras and the right bits of knowledge. The best thing about his videos…he tells you how he does it! These sequences appear to be “thrown” together, but after you see how much planning is involved, you know they are serious. Im confident they can pull off most general special effects we see in movies today, and when you realize they are doing it on desktop computers as we saw with Gareth Edwards, it is becoming more and more of a reality to me that it is very possible to get a script, a few skilled cameramen and lighting experts and make a movie- Not just a little one either- I full on MOVIE, which is an idea I have been flirting with for years.

Freddie W and Co is another testament to this approach.

This first is a combo of painting with light and popping speedlites:

The how to video:

Guitar on a Car Sequence:

How to Guitar on a Car Sequence:

Action Sequence:

Behind the Scenes of Action Sequence: