For those of you who have known me for years, believe me when I tell you that, I, just like you, had never would have guessed that I was capable of giving fashion accessory advice, let alone some REALLY great fashion accessory advice.

About a month ago I felt I needed a big HUGE leather wrist band, like the vikings or Conan type warriors would wear, just to mix it up a little.

I quickly discovered that the kind I had imagined, are not available anywhere. Sure, there were these little dinky ones about an inch wide, and they just didnt do it for me.

Then I found this guy on Ebay, his name is Freddie Matara, he makes custom leather wrist bands for movie stars and musicians. They looked really nice so I decided to try him out. Freddie makes each one custom to fit and can even design them with your specific features in mind (yes he makes wallets, belts and watch bands for both men and women).

This is mine, its 3″ wide and I just love it!Check out his stuff!

Freddie Matara Leatherworks