I met an amazing photographer last Friday at our Maui Smug Mug meeting. His name is Franck Berthuot and he specializes in a very particular type of niche which I am calling “Surface Water Photography”, meaning he is a specialist of shooting from the water, specifically anything at the surface to 1-3 meters below the surface. His windsurfing and surfing shots were the best I have ever seen, and he also does some amazingly creative portrait shots.

It was truly fascinating to listen to him describe how he sets up his shots and the amazing physical demands it requires. He is regularly getting pounded by waves, but still has to maintain focus and discipline to get anything usable. When researching housings, I ran into someone who tried to shoot with him and he mentioned “Forget about trying to take pictures, you will be just trying to stay alive!” I am thinking I will start with smaller waves first.

While Franck is in the process of re-doing his website, I hope he is able to finish it soon because his portfolio is truly spectacular. Being that he lives on Maui, I am hoping I will be able to go out with him and learn this very difficult style of photography. I have most of the required gear lined up, just waiting to find a time we can meet up and make it happen.

This is the main shot you can find on his website now, I am sure he will have more of his good stuff up soon. Absolutely worth a visit. Franck Berthuot- Berthuot Visuals

PS- I found his Facebook Page: Berthuot Visuals on Facebook He has just a few of his amazing shots there…take a look!