I tried my very best today to just try to relax a little. You would think driving would be relaxing and sometimes it is, but not when its day after day after day. Once this trip is over it will be exciting for me to go back and look through all the pictures and videos I am making because there are some real gems, Im just so pressed for time its impossible to keep up. Here are some favorites from the last few days of my trip.

This first one, believe it or not is SOOC (Straight Out of Camera)- I did use the picture style settings to bump up the saturation, but this was real…it was CRAZY to see it in person. It lasted for about 4 minutes and then faded. This second pic disappointed me. For everything I did right, I failed to keep an eye on the rocks and cropped them off. Almost a great picture. Long shutter speed, (1″, f22, ISO 100) + Paintballer and Lollipops (Orange Peel). Used a Grad ND filter for the sun, these are coming in handy for landscapes. Video to come. Did a quick shoot with my brother Aaron, my niece Kjersti, Nephew AJ and niece Tiffany at the park today. We are going to try to hit the beach tomorrow and I am thinking about busting out my big alien bee with portable battery. Should be a great time. 🙂