Been a while since Ive done a review on an App, but being that this one saved me the other day, I have to really give it props. My iPhone is an integral part of my business in so many ways, as I am sure everyone’s phone is for them. My LIFE is on it. So the other night I was down at the beach enjoying the sunset, and after I head to my car and over to get something to eat. I knew for a fact that that I had my phone with me at the beach, but as I checked my pocket, it wasn’t there. Wasn’t in the glove box either where I put it on longer drives, and I realized that I must have dropped somewhere between the beach and my car, about 30 feet.

I immediately turn around to the beach, but with traffic, it took me about 7 minutes to get back, and my phone was no where to be seen. There were 2 gentlemen talking by a fence whom I had seen earlier, and asked them if they saw my phone or anyone who might have picked it up, and they hadn’t. When I explained my situation, one of them offered to call it and he did, but I noticed that he also had an iPhone and being that he was so kind, I decided to ask him for help to track my phone with the “Find my iPhone App” by Apple.

He immediately downloaded it to his iPhone, we open the App up, I enter my iTunes info and password and we immediately begin to “track” my missing phone, and sure enough it was moving! We call my number again, no one answers, so we both concluded that whomever had it was no co-operating. “Find My iPhone” app also allows you to “Lock” your device remotely, which I did, and also “Wipe” everything off the phone if you need to as a last resort. Being that we were able to track the phone, we just decided to follow it, which we did to a nearby apartment complex.

We had to jump back and forth between “Google Maps” App to identify our position, and the “Find My iPhone” App to identify the phones position, but sure enough, in about 15 minutes we were walking up to a specific apartment building and there was a young gentleman there and we asked him “Hey did you find a phone on the beach?” and sure enough he had and was completely co-operative. In fact, he had already called my Dad and was on his way to meet him! Happy ending and good Karma all around!

Now get this… turns out that the gentleman who helped me is none other than Benja Iglesis, a world renown underwater photographer (he has over 40 covers!) Is that crazy or what? When he found out that I am studying underwater stuff, he immediately offered to take me diving on his boat- Wow! I have loads of good luck, sometimes I just don’t get it….but I am not complaining! While my story has a happy ending, take this very seriously if you have an iphone or ipad. A good friend of mine was robbed a day earlier and her phone was also taken. Would have been much easier if she had a way to track it.

Here is the App if you don’t already have it: Find My iPhone App

You don’t need to have the app on your device it to be tracked, but you do need a setting turned on:

Settings –> iCloud –> Find my iPhone (turn it to on). (Do it!! It will save you a nightmare later!)

If you every lose your iphone or iPad with this turned on, download the app to another apple device and you should be able to track it by logging in with your username and password. I am so glad I learned to do this before hand, it was a really scary half hour or so!