I was reluctant to see this film because I was turned off with the previews for some reason. Decided to check it out anyway after reading some reviews. First let me say, this isn’t really a kids movie, there are a lot of really weird themes in it. If you are any type of artist, photographer, movie maker, or involved in anyway with art, I think this is a must see.

To know that this was not “filmed” but rather assembled in stop motion (meaning that the filmmakers used dolls, took a picture of the dolls on a set, moved them a few millimeters, took another picture, etc and repeated hundreds of thousands of times ) is truly mind blowing. I admit there were a few times I was a little bored with it, but wow…just amazing filmmaking. My favorite part was when Mr Fox fought the rat in the sewer, just outstanding elements of composition. Brilliant use of props, such as cotton to produce smoke, etc. I feel I was more fascinated with how the movie was made rather than the story itself.

If you are not artistically inclined at all or do not have any interest in “artsy” or “weirdly wonderful” type movies, you still might want to check it out as a rental.

Making of Mr. Fox Video

The main camera you see in this video is a Canon 50D: 1. It has a live view button, silver mode dial, and buttons on the bottom of the camera, not the side..therefore it can only be a 50D. (Though there are 2 quick clips of Nikons)