Thad’s sister-in-law recommended that I try something called “Fage Greek Yogurt” several months ago. I was in Costco and saw it there and thought I would try it out.

Holy Cow. I am not sure if it is just me, but this stuff absolutely kills my appetite, like 2-3 table spoons of it and I want nothing to do with food for at least an hour. I would imagine if I ate more it would last longer, but dang, its incredible (in a good way) at killing the want for munchies, as in snacking between meals. Its supposedly pretty good for you too! I like the 0%, but then again I have a very weird sense of taste.

I have lots going on. Ash headed back for the mainland today, so sad to see her go, but it was great to have her visit for the holiday. Adam is coming in on Friday, it will be exciting to get him plugged in and start getting some of these new projects running.

Finally making the transition over to my new Mac Book Pro. This thing is ridiculously fast and I am absolutely LOVING it! We have another 12 videos in the pipe (as in we have already shot them).