My Dad wanted to catch this movie tonight, so I went not knowing anything about it. It’s a controversy- documentary-discussion on the academic battle between the Theory of Evolution and Intelligent Design. Due to my background as a scientist who was immersed in this world for 8 years, I found it interesting- however, most non-scientists / historians are going to be bored with it after 40 minutes. I was familiar with many of the points made, but if you arent it could be an interesting rental, definitely not something to see in the theaters, especially around May 2nd, (IRON MAN).

I spent most of the day getting caught up on business things, and I must say I covered a ton of ground. It was nice to just walk out to the beach every time I needed a break. I have a lot of really neat things in the works, I am so excited to get them polished up and ready for delivery. Summer is going to be very interesting around here.

Tomorrow I am going to be shooting some video for a new training DVD with my Dad, should be a fun time. I promised myself I would take at least one picture every day I was here. I am sure you guys are getting sick of all the ocean shots, but dang, when I have access to scenery like Maui, Im going to take full advantage. 🙂