I’m absolutely exhausted. It isn’t so much physical exhaustion as it is a very deep mental exhaustion. I’ve felt constantly under stress being here and it is really taking its toll. We are back in Sendai tonight and I am very ready to turn out the lights.

Today we did 2 “open truck” distributions on the side of the road. They were both very successful. We emptied about 2 – 4 ton trucks of used clothing and supplies to several hundred people.

It was very humbling to me to watch these poor souls go through these boxes of used clothing and put them on right there on the spot. One man came in with 2 kids, one boy didn’t have a jacket and his dad dug through a box, found him one and put it on him right then and there. It told me a lot about what his family must have been through in the last month.

I believe my work here is complete and I will not be returning to the “war zone” again this trip. I’m meeting up with Joshua to help edit a video we shot last week, and I would also like to visit Meysen as school is starting soon. Crazy to think I’ve been here for a month already, but absolutely one of the very best months of my life. Unless something very unexpected happens very soon, I should be headed home this week.

I have a lot of pictures, notes and insights about my experience in Japan coming very soon. The images taken on my 7D are much better. 🙂

Open truck distribution.This is Alice from China. She is super nice and friendly. I asked her what she likes, and her only answer was “Jesus”. I also like the subtle message on her hat. The flames are a nice touch too.I learned in Haiti how important it was to be able to change my appearance with different kinds of clothing for different reasons. This is my military look.Nathan and I.The team right before we headed home to Sendai.Thanks to Nathan and Kiyoko for arranging a delish Pizza Hut dinner which was waiting for us when we arrived home. I had root beer too!