Ive gotten no less than 10 different people asking me about what kind of charger I use on my AA’s for Speedlites. Anyone who has the Speedlite DVD knows this, but I thought Id post here just in case you didn’t. This is the one that I use, I have tried many speed chargers, including the Duracell version and this was the best. Sometimes batteries charge much faster, like 8-10 minutes. Most other chargers require you to wait 2-4 hours and if I have 4-6 sets (to charge, Ill be done in about an hour, instead of 12-24). Its ridiculous for me to believe there are photographers out there who actually use the 4 hour chargers…you have much better things to be doing with your time.

A warning on these guys: Your batteries will get very hot (and in some cases start to melt the wrapping), after about 8-12 months, they will go bad. The Type of Battery you put into this thing are very important, some do not co-operate as well, but I have always been a HUGE fan of the Merkury Batteries which have recently come back into stores. 4-6 sets usually last me a year. I can shoot an entire wedding with 4 sets of these AAs, using 2 speedlites (I change about once during a reception). You can find them in most Wal-Mart and Best Buys, they run about $35. Bulky, but well worth the investment.

Energizer 15-Minute Battery Charger