Many of you will recognize Elise and Patrick from some of my earlier shoots. This was a very unique wedding. I am sure I have never shot a wedding like it and I am fairly certain I never will again. We had a great time, and as you can see, everyone was up for trying some fun shots. One thing about the day is that it was either a rain storm or extremely hot and muggy outside, so we tried to do our best shooting indoors.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:Yes, its a cake. It was YUM!! You will notice the Scoreboard, it reads Auburn 28, Alabama 28 (Elise is an Auburn Fan, and Patrick is an Alabama fan). Totally spontaneous….Everytime I see this picture I bust out laughing. Just FYI it was planned, we were going for something fun and different on their painted portrait. Elise and Patrick both nailed the look I wanted. Here is another:Thank you Elise, Patrick their family and friends for a very interesting and exciting day! I was honored to be your photographer for the day and will have the rest of your images posted for viewing shortly. 🙂