Living in Maui now and having access to some great underwater shooting opportunities, I’ve been doing a lot of research on underwater photography. It is something I haven’t really tried much with beyond point and shoots in underwater housings. I have a host of great dSLR cameras, and it may be time to start taking this a little seriously. (BTW- Nice underwater housings are pretty ridiculously expensive! lol)

Stumbled across an amazing photographer based in the Bahamas named Elena Kalis and am including her links here. Her work is nothing short of STUNNING, I especially LOVED the Alice In Wonderland series, which I would have to call a Master Piece of work. Absolutely incredible. I’ve emailed her to see if she would do a private workshop with me, one-on-one. I am anxious to hear back from her.

If you are in need of some artistic inspiration and have 10 minutes, invest it on a visit to her websites, you will not be disappointed!

Elena Kalis Main Website
Elena Kalis on Facebook