I had a really great experience this last week that I wanted to share. Because I am self employed, I rely on myself for my own health coverage. It’s a personal belief of mine that the more I accept responsibility for myself, ultimately, the greater happiness and freedom I will experience. There are no political undertones here, and unless I am forced, I will never be on Government provided health insurance. I just don’t believe in it.

Getting good health insurance seemed like it was always a pain just to set up. I am in very good shape, exercise 3-5 times a week and rarely get sick. Over the last 3 years, I have been with Humana which I purchased through PPA. I think I got sick once or twice in that whole 2 year period, and a single doctors visit for a shot cost something like $400. Humana didn’t want to pay for it their part because the doctor wasn’t part of their network, so I had to pay most of it myself. After some research, I discovered that they had all kinds of rules and recently they sent me a letter changing my coverage and benefits AND raising the price. I was sick of it.

So, I did some research and found eHealth Insurance online. I found a very similar coverage plan at 4 times less the expense than what I was normally paying, AND I was could get Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Arizona. I was a little skeptical about submitting an application online, but the Better Business Bureau said they were legit. Filled out the application and one week later I was approved. I already have my Blue Cross Card in my wallet and have pre-paid for the next several months. No more Humana.

I realize it may not be the same for everyone but the thing I liked about the website was it let’s you choose the coverage you want, with what company, and also lets you compare plans. A highly recommended website if you are self employed and do not have your own health insurance. It was quick, easy, painless and I am saving money on my premium.

eHealth Insurance