The Twilight Movies have been fun for me to see, I haven’t read the books, so I think there are some things I don’t quite understand. Let’s liven things up a bit with a few fun questions:

1. Bella is 17 when they first meet. Edward is like 120. How in the world is Edward not a pedophile?
2. And for those who accept this relationship, What exactly about Edward makes it ok for a 120 year old to date (obsess) over a 17 year old?
3. Is it because he is “good looking” or is it more because he is a supernatural outler, like Elvis or something?
4. If this is the case, does it mean celebrities are not bound by sex offender laws?
5. Is it less gross for a very young woman to date a very old man if he is famous or rich? (Society says yes it is, regardless of appearance).
6. Would most Twilight fans then agree, that age itself has nothing to do with attraction? (Logic says yes).
7. Why is Bella so stupid?
8. Why is Edward so stupid? You would think living life that long he would gain some sort of insight on the tricks of the trade, like the whole body temperature thing. Edward thinks its a good idea to put a tent on top of a mountain when a storm is coming. Most 12 year old boy scouts know better.
9. Why is Bella not concerned that here is this 120+ year old guy who is still single? Surely over that amount of time, he should have been able to find someone.
10. Why does Bella decide its time to kiss Jacob only because he is sick of her crap?

I will give Edward props for how he reacted after she kissed Jacob. That was classy. And yes…I still think Jacob is better for Bella, BUT, because Edward and Bella are on the same page when it comes to intellect, obsessiveness, & insanity, I wouldn’t like to see Jacob end up with her.