Its been a while since I’ve done one of my signature screen saver downloads, and I thought it was time. This set is dedicated to the basic elements of Earth, Water, Air & Fire , with a particular emphasis on sunsets and the ocean. Over 2 dozen of my favorite shots taken in the last year or so.

I am very happy and pleased to give these away for FREE, and I do have just a few terms & rules:

1. These are for personal use only. The images have been optimized for your computer or HD monitor display. They are not to sold or used for commercial purposes.
2. I ask that the watermark “” not be removed, edited, distorted or otherwise concealed.
3. Yes, you have my permission to print these up as long as the two above rules are followed.

And something that would really help is if you share this link with all your friends!


Click Link Below to download Michael’s Earth – Water – Air – Fire Screen Saver Pack!