Have you ever heard of ear acupressure? The actual shape of the ear is similar to that of an embryo (just a random side note, when I look at peoples ears i think- “Hmmm…thats what they probably looked like as an embryo).

While it is dubbed as an alternative medicine, there is definitely something going on here. Briefly, the concept is that our ears act as circuit breakers for the entire body, and when you are sick or in pain, recovery can be stimulated by massaging (or otherwise stimulating, magnets, etc) different parts of the ear. This sounds as cooky to me as a Harry Potter spell, but if I didnt have some success with it, I wouldnt believe it. Occasionally, you can even feel sore spots on your ears that come and go, and if I understand it correctly, these sore spots correspond with pain you are feeling.

I also had a trusted friend who was a leader in my church back home who was a medical doctor, and then became an ear accupressurist because it allowed him to as he said ” help people better than I can as a medical doctor”. Keep in mind this was someone who had been there and done that. My buddy when to see him for a medical exam for basketball and this doctor said “oh looks like you are experiencing some back pain” before my friend said anything, and he was.

I dont believe in most alternative medicines, but because I have personally experienced this- it helped me. Many insurances cover it.

Check your ears…..do any parts of them feel sore when pressed?