Update All orders have now been shipped. If you ordered with USPS, you should have a tracking number now. Thanks!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we have been having some issues with the company that fulfills our orders (they send the physical DVDs out) for me. My understanding is that between the number of Black Friday sales of their other customers and a USPS software glitch, any DVD orders made after Nov 21st will be going out today.

In my opinion, this is totally unacceptable, especially since we have had so little communication from them. We have and are making every effort to try to resolve the situation with Rapid, but I am truly concerned at this point and we are looking at other options at this time.

Downloads are not affected, but I will say, that we should have some solution in place within the next week. UPS & Fed Ex orders seem to be going out no problem.

If any of you have a concern, or immediate need for your dvd, please contact us directly: [email protected] and we will make it right.

Thank you for your patience and support!