I’ve been tearing through this book on the treadmill every morning- it’s very, very good stuff. Stu Maschwitz (On Wikipedia) has a very interesting story himself and you probably have already heard of him, you just didn’t know it. If you go to his blog at Prolost Blog you can see he has his hands in some very interesting stuff, movies, Apps, he essentially where I would like to be one day (not sure this is possible, he has some amazing accomplishments). Still it’s always good to aim high.

In any event, if you are planning on using the dSLR to actually shoot a script, this is a must read. Knowing what little I do about filmmaking, I shudder at the thought of trying to teach it all in one book or DVD simply because of the enormity of it, and Stu does it well. So many little tidbits of information that can only come through a good mentor or learning it the hard way. Highly recommended.

DV Rebels Guide By Stu Maschwitz