I remember as a child discovering Dr. Strange Comic books, attempting to read and immediately losing interest. I never picked up another one again. Too hocus-pocus. He would have to rank in my very least favorite comic book characters that I actual was aware of.

Dr. Strange the movie is a home-run winner and I highly recommend seeing it in theaters. It is not perfect; there were a few lulls, and one-liners that just didn’t connect, but those aside this was about as fun, entertaining and as cerebral a movie you will find anywhere near perfection and I do not say that lightly. I definitely hope I am not raising your expectation levels too high, just know it is worth the cost of admission.

When you watch it, ask yourself during the first 5-10 minutes, who is Dr. Strange and what are the things he is about to lose. They make no mistakes on introducing him and cut right to the chase. There are 4-5 things that really stand out and will complete his character arc by the end of the film.

Eye tickling special effects, but not overdone- story driven. Multiple references and tie ins to the Marvel Universe. Huge clue that there is a big war that is going to eventually happen over a bunch of stones. (No spoilers though!)

Benedict Cumberbatch knocks it out of the park.