Are you guys tired of all the guns yet? 🙂

I have a few videos from class I wanted to share, this is one of them. The scenario is that you are being attacked and your weapon has a double feed (this means there are 2 live rounds competing for a single firing chamber).

Here is a pic of a double feed from a non-glock:Racking the slide won’t fix it, and in this particular case, you are shooting with your weak hand because you have been shot in your right arm. (We did a ton of weak hand work, especially fixing and dealing with all types of weapons malfunctions). There are lots of little things I am doing in this exercise, and I am also making some mistakes as well, but the idea is that if you do screw up, you keep on going and do not give up. That’s good advice for anything you do in life- don’t be afraid to try and learn something, make the mistake and get better. I wonder how likely it is, if a semi-automatic pistol owner experiences a basic malfunction in a pressure situation they will just assume the weapon is bad when all it needs is a simple clearing. With the adrenaline going, they pull that trigger and hear a click, how else would they know what to do in that situation unless they were trained? How many variations of that same scenario can be played out as well? How many people in those situations would actually be able to calmly think about that particular problem when bullets are flying? You can’t, you have know it by reflex.