I came across these photos of a highly talented and super creative photographer Matt Shumate and his beautiful aerial shots. Then I watched this video on how he was accomplishing it.

Whoa! If that doesn’t make you cringe…..! The thought of throwing upwards of $5,000 dollars of delicate photographic equipment into the air is enough to make some photographers lose it. Yes. His images are beyond beautiful and incredibly interesting. But the risk involved is enough to turn my stomach. So what if there was a better, safer way?

There IS a better way that I invented — The Maven Adapter No need to risk your expensive equipment to get that amazing shot. For a very small investment the Maven Adapter will enable you to connect your already existing camera gear to the end of a hardware pole, allowing you to extend it 15 feet or higher. It will also allow you to connect Speedlites, an umbrella, go pro or other accessories.

Check out the promo video I created below.

Purchase the Maven Adapter HERE.[Source]