Caught the late night showing of Adam Sandler’s new movie, Dont Mess with the Zohan. I am a pretty big Adam Sandler fan and was really looking forward to this. IT WAS AWFUL!. All the good parts were in the previews, it was PAINFULLY BORING and I would have left 30 minutes into it if I wasnt with friends. It HURT to sit there and watch, Ill have mental scars for years.

Here is a list of other activities that will save you time and money (and be more entertaining) than watching this pathetic excuse for a movie:

1. Flush $8.50 down the toilet.
2. Get a bag of popcorn and stare at the wall for 2 hours.
3. Go see the new Indiana Jones Movie.
4. Give a cat an ice cold bath.
5. Rent “The Waterboy”- which is crude at times, is MUCH better and MUCH cleaner….imagine that, than Zohan.