The content of this photo contest is, obviously, service. We’re looking for two types of photography:

Documentary Photo of Service – For this category we would like to see photos that demonstrate an act of service (e.g. local charitable events in your community like soup kitchens or relief aid, etc.)
Portrait Photography as Service – For this category we would like to see photos taken directly in service of others (e.g. charitable photography session for recently adoptive families, military families or even volunteer photography at a local animal shelter, etc.)
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Rules & Guidelines
The contest is not based on the merits of the service event itself (although often, the better the story, the better the photo), but the merits of the chosen photo which represents it.

Only one photo per service event will be allowed.
Must be 18 years or older to enter.
Photographers from all countries are welcome to enter.
Service event must have happened in the year 2019.
For submissions entered into the Documentary Photos of Service category, participants must strive to follow the NPPA Code of Ethics. Anyone known to have violated these ethics to capture images they submit to this contest will be disqualified.
For submissions entered into the Portrait Photography as Service category, participants must be respectful and work with full participation and permission of any organization and subject they work with. Written permission from the organization is best.
In order to address the too-common issue of cheating in popular photo contests, an important requirement for all submissions is corroborating evidence that the service event actually occurred. This could come in two forms:
simple b-roll / or bts footage which demonstrates that the photo was not staged
a personal email from third party representing the service event, in some way, acting as witness
Submission deadline: December 10th, 2019

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