Finally was able to take my new DJI Phantom Quad Copter out for a test spin this am. I’ve rigged mine with a GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition (Black), on a Zenmuse Gimbal (which helps keep the shot steady). There is a transmitter that sends the video feed down to a TV monitor I have rigged to my controller. It is a pretty fun and amazing set up but I realize it is going to take some practice to control with confidence. It is truly amazing how steady the DJI can hover in one place. A lot of fun to play with.

Here is a single frame grab from about 70 feet up, my friend Jen and her husband are playing catch with a blue frisbee:The DJI’s are at an all time low price, but before you run out and buy one, wait another month. They have a new model coming out that has a built in camera and will be much, much cheaper than setting it up like mine (and probably work better too). Ill post an entry when they are available, but in the mean time will be practicing to improve my skills.

PS- If you do get one, exercise extreme caution when flying & dont try anything stupid. There are stories going around about people flying them in cities, crashing them at airports, going up several thousands of feet and losing power etc.