This movie is going to be the sleeper smash hit of the summer. For those of you who were following the Halo Movie, Neil Bloomcamp was the director who made the Halo movie shorts a year or so ago. He uses an incredible gritty, handheld type style, spliced with extremely realistic CG. Ive only seen a limited amount of footage, but it looks like the Halo clips (its very different and realistic). Peter Jackson, yes, that Peter Jackson, is the executive producer. Last time I checked, had it at a 96% which is mind boggling for them. You may opt to not see it, but you are going to be hearing a TON about his movie for the next month.

Story revolves around a group of aliens stranded on earth who are discriminated against by humans (who want their weapons) when a reluctant ally is exposed to their bioweapon technology.