I know this is a very niche piece of equipment, as well as expensive, but since I have purchased it and have been using it like crazy, it is definitely worth a post.

A replicator is a tower of disk drives built complete with a stand alone hard drive. You can either up load your disk onto the hard drive and burn 7 disks from there, or put your master into the top tray and burn 6 direct. With all of the disks I need to burn for clients as well as my own archives. I never realized how much time I used my desktop and laptops for simply copying disks. Now, just load the tower up and make the copies. Ive only had it for 5 days, but I have used it every day since it has arrived.

If your work requires you to make lots of cds or DVDs regardless of the industry, you might want to look into one of these. They make tons of different models at different prices and you can even get an automated one for less than $500.

Replicating Towers