I am happy to announce that my new DVD, “Digital Photography Crash Course” is now available for order. Most of this material is included in the Canon 40 D DVD as a bonus, so if you own a Canon 40D, I would absolutely recommend investing in that one. I was talking with a friend yesterday about it…..if you own a Canon 40 D and arent sure how to use it, the $35 on the video will make every difference in the world. I will teach you in 3 hours what it took me nearly 2 years to learn on my own.

This new DVD is for everyone else and is geared towards beginners who are using point and shoots. Not only does it cover digital photography basics, it includes my Natural Lighting Crash Course, Portrait Crash Course and other lessons. This is a perfect video for those of you who are interested in photography, but dont have the time to take a formal course, or perhaps you would like some refresher lessons. The beauty of it is, you can always watch it again if you ever need to.

Its only $19.95, plus shipping and can be ordered now from this link:

Digital Photography Crash Course