So tired, but wanted to post before I crashed for the night (its 730pm, btw) – What an incredible day of fishing we had today. We met up with my good friend and fishing expert Armelio around 6am and headed out. After just a few hours we started landing fish left and right. I tell you, Armelio is the very best fisherman I have ever heard of and I am not exaggerating when I say this.

Apparently there was a tournament this weekend, and out of 40 boats, there were 11 Mahi Mahi’s taken. In just the few hours we were actually fishing today, we caught 10 Mahis, 3 Onos (one was 30+ pounds) and 9 Tuna. When we were at our main fishing spot, literally every single time we put the trolling lines in we caught something big. Armelio wanted us to try fishing with poles, and we caught something every single time. It was an unreal day of fishing and I am so glad to have made friends with Armelio when we produced the Photography Business Crash Course DVD . My good friend Warren’s son, Tyler, came with us and caught the 2 largest fish. Ryan, who is Warrens brother, whom I have been scuba diving this last week also joined us. We had SO much fun!

You can check out more from Armelio at: Maui Fishing Secrets– I have a feeling we will see him many more times again on the blog.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots of the day:The Mahis have this really beautiful deep blue color when you first pull them out. This color rapidly fades and within a few seconds is gone completely. I was happy I was able to catch this Mahi’s color before it disappeared. This is the same large Mahi on the far right on the last picture.