If you had any desire to see this movie, please allow me to save you the $10. It was AWFUL!! I am still struggling with what I was most shocked with, how bad this movie was, the fact that there were some pretty big stars who actually thought this may be a good movie to be in, or that I actually stuck around waiting for the “twist” to come that would make it worth it. It never came and it was so perfectly predictable!

Disbelief was never suspended, I had to continually remind myself to remember the rules of vampires, including the fact that they really do explode and then vaporize into nothingness when pierced through the heart with a wooden object. Pure silliness. The dialogue…wow…I wont even go there.

Do not see this movie in theaters, do not rent it, do not watch it on TV…ever. Stare at the wall instead, you will get better entertainment value.