I know many of you have probably been wondering what happened to the 365…well, this is a big reason, Ive been working on this for some time (since Sunday) and this is me giving up on a picture…too much to work on, there are many elements missing from it to make it more real, but for now…this will do. One thing I am learning about the 365 is to fight to stay creative and at the same time, try really, REALLY hard not to give in to weaker ideas. It would be so easy to stand in front of a wall and take a picture, but that defeats the purpose of the creativity- so if it comes down to posting an unoriginal idea, or not posting and playing a little catch up…Ill take the later. My creativity needs to GROW!

Maybe for the 365 Book I will finish “Shark Attack”. What’s missing? Lots, especially water splashing around me as if I had jumping into the surf, some lighting and shadow details. This is barely presentable in my mind, the fin, shark, girl (whitney), right ocean water and me are all different images.