Spent the afternoon working on my Wind Surfing Skills and am hoping to work on it everyday until I leave next Monday. I will have to say I was very happy with how it went, and was able to actually get out into the ocean a little, turn around and come back. My instructor said I did great for only my second lesson ever.

Im going to try to get some “in the process” (ie on the board) shots, but Im not so sure how easy it will be, might have to strap the camera down to something, or have an ankle leash…or something. Both Hookipa and Kahana Beaches on Maui are regarded by many as some of the very best places in the world for Windsurfing (because there is a constant, predictable wind).

Im off to shoot a few more lessons this evening. Should have one posted here shortly. 🙂 BTW- Thats my hip next to the camera. 🙂