Even when I try not to do anything “work related” on Sunday afternoons, there is nothing more I enjoy doing than exploring Maui and taking pictures/video. I know I am really lucky to be able to do something I love for work so much so that it doesn’t seem like work…if that makes any sense. I mean, all I do all week long is photography and video and when I have a Sunday what do I want to do? Im just going to go with it because it works and I am happy.

Went down to the bamboo forest this afternoon to work on my steady-cam techniques and shots. I have been slowly collecting them, just these 10-15 second clips here and there from different parts of the island, should make for a nice montage when it is all said and done, but the most important thing is that I am learning quite a bit…mainly because I am screwing so many things up. Like today, I swear I spent at least 3 hours at this waterfall location and even though I was looking at my shots, I come home and realize I was making the same mistake every single time and I pretty much will have to go out and re-shoot the dang thing. Experience is such a good teacher, especially when we are able to see our errors and see them quickly. I went alone today, but had 2 backpacks full of gear and lenses, I am sure I looked comical carrying everything. One of my brackets for the steady cam went for a swim, so I had to fish it out. (Luckily I found it…whew!)

We have had an absolutely BRUTAL production schedule the last 2 months, finishing the Canon 5Diii, Speedlite 600EX-RT and now the Nikon D3200 tutorial videos. Tomorrow we start the T4i Crash Course Training video, with most of the new lessons focusing on how to use the touch screen monitor (it is absolutely killer).

Hope to have a review video on it posted in the next couple days so you guys can see how cool this thing is. Ill also be reviewing the 40mm 2.8 Pancake lens (should arrive on Tuesday).