Been getting quite a few emails about whether or not I’ve stopped working on my 365…Im still taking my pictures, just wayyyy too behind on so many projects that I haven’t had a chance to post them. Another question I get is “How come you aren’t really in many of your pictures? Why so abstract…so often?” – It is because I like trying new things out and honestly, I’m not a huge fan of being photographed for some reason- that’s what makes the 365 so great, it gets you out of comfort zones. By the way, I have lost about 20 pounds since getting back from Burma about 5 weeks ago.

Ill be making a few posts soon about what is coming up- we have TONs of great things coming and Adam (my primary assistant) and I are working like MAD. These last 2 weeks have been particularly crazy. I also lost another assistant this week (not Adam), and this makes 3 assistants I’ve gone through in the less than 10 months. I’m coming to the realization that not only is it hard to find good help, I also must be a very tough person to work for which makes it even harder to find someone that will stick. Something else I noticed about the 5Diii as evidenced in this image….if you are shooting stills in “Video” mode, the image will lose about 600 vertical pixels to match up with the video aspect ratio. I believe this was done to allow filmmakers the ability to “plate” their shots without the needing to crop their images, though I could be wrong. Plates are great for all kinds of special effects where editing or masking of the background is required.