Had another great day of shooting on the 580ii Speedlite Crash Course Training DVD. Im really learning a ton of little things about the Speedlites, things I didnt event know, and the more I shoot I start to wonder about certain things, realize I dont know the answer, and it makes me research it like crazy, and then when I finally get it, Im think “Wow….what an amazing feature, How in the world does Canon expect users to understand that is what the feature does based what they have written in the manual?” Its a pity really, I am gaining more and more respect for the 580ii.

Did you know that when pushing the pilot test light, the 580ii only gives a flash intensity of 1/32 of its full power? There are a few fun ways to max this puppy out, and when pressed to certain parts of your body (like a hand) the light can penetrate all the way through! 🙂


Canon 5Dii, 24-70 2.78L, 5″, f4.5, ISO 3200, 580ii speedlite at full power.In other fun news, my parents came over to the hotel and helped me shoot a quick video for the school which I will post here shortly. Id really like to make several more of these and hope to squeeze them in while I am here on Maui.