Had a great day of shooting today, but I can’t post anything here because its all going on the Lighting Crash Course!

🙂 Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just a few days away from launching the download, I believe we will wrap up most everything Friday and then screen it several times looking for any last teeny, tiny mistakes.

The Lighting Crash Course is on the same level of Photoshop Crash Course DVD and Photography Business Crash Course DVD as far as quality of teaching and variety of topics covered. Those courses are effective because I teach you a tremendous amount of information, in a very simple, easy to understand manner, and get you up to speed on the topics in no time.

I am very proud of the Lighting Crash Course and wouldn’t release it unless I was sure it is one of the best courses available on the subject.

Going abstract- I really like trying this stuff out. This is Day 62 run through several photoshop filters. If you haven’t tried it out I would definitely recommend it.

Great day today- very busy, but GREAT. We got a ton done.