Yesterday I assembled a portable, battery operated cathode light. Cathode lights are those bright neon type lights you see in computers or in certain modified cars, but holy cow- they are are AWESOME for painting with light. It’s been raining like crazy here on Maui (which is very rare, usually only lasts 15 minutes at a time)- so I stayed in and did some tests with it. The 2 tubes are white, but I have colored gels I can wrap around them.

I have several more “Painting with Light Tools” coming to use in my 365. Ill be honest with you guys, after Thailand, trying to finish the LIghting Crash Course, Apps, and working out like crazy for the last 2 weeks…I am really wiped out. Seems like I do this to myself on a regular basis…work like crazy and then crash.

We decided to modify/re-shoot about 30 minutes of the LCC. I previewed it last Thursday and Friday. I am very happy with it, but because I am perfectionist, I want it to be even better, which is why we are making the adjustments.

Adam tells me it is perfectly possible to have it released by next Thursday if there are no more hiccups.