One more day. I am not looking for anything spectacular, just looking to finish. This project is a year overdue. Once I finish I am looking to have some work done on the blog, its been a while and needs a facelift. Also need a better way to navigate through all my entries. Its been 4 years straight on here. As much as a 365 project is tough to do, I just cannot deny how helpful it is and how it forces you to get out and shoot- which I really need to do more of. Once we get a better navigation set up for the 365 (think gallery), I think I will start a second one.

Something a lot of people do not know about me is that I do not like cable television, so I haven’t owned it for years. I don’t have anything against cable TV, I just find it to be a tremendous waste of time, and I don’t like the idea of having the TV just playing non-stop. I also tend to get a lot more done without the distraction. I do rent movies and watch Netflix at home though, and typically watch a couple each week.

The problem with not having cable is that I miss a lot of college football. None one else is really into BYU Football here like I am, so I usually go down to a Sports Restaurant to watch. I almost always wear BYU attire and am almost only the only one doing so.

This is what I look like when BYU is losing.Luckily, BYU came back from behind 0-13 in the fourth quarter to win 14-13.