Almost there….4 more days.

I am trying to focus on taking images as my day unfolds…more serendipitous and things as they really are.

This is a fun shot for a few reasons:

1- It shows you were I am currently living, a one bed room Ohana unit. This is where I spend most of my waking hours working on Maven type stuff. Not a particularly big place, but it is more than enough for me. I am happy here.

2- I occasionally workout as a break from work, like I did today. I have been following a book called “You are your own Gym” which is body weight exercises, meaning that you can really workout anywhere if you know how. Anyone who has read the book carefully will see the 3 workout stations for exercising your back. The results from this program are ASTONISHING. I am a little shy about taking pictures with my shirt off, but one of these days I will do it just so you can all see what this program has done for me.

3- There are several little clues about projects I am working on. Don’t try too hard to decipher them, there just isnt enough info. That wet board has a diagram for a very cool project I am having Adam work on. The envelopes on the counter are pictures for the book cover. The desk in the background is the room I wrote most of the book.