Im going to kill 2 birds with 2 stones…lol

Anyway, here are the first two ads for my RAW / Lightroom 2 Preset Pack, and this is the Official Announcement of the name: “Paintballer Pro”. I will announce the sample site and be posting sample images here and there very shortly. This Preset Pack will be sold as a download, however I am contemplating putting together a short (20-30 minute) instructional DVD on how to use them for different applications.

Ive been working on these for a while (about a year now) and mostly they were meant for me only, but I was getting so many inquiries, that Ive decided to prepare them for anyone who is interested. Ive been using them in most of my images I post for the 365. Once you get the hang of using them, they are extremely quick and you can get some truly unique looks because there have many variability factors built in to them. While many of the Presets have general rules they follow, much depends on the exposure and even type of sensor used in taking the image. I know I am biased, but some of the effects are extremely cool.

“Paintballer Pro” is for intermediate to advanced Photoshop and Lightroom 2 users (yes, there are two individual sets so you can use them in either program). They are not simple tweaks, like “Black and White” or “Sepia”, they are highly radical and have been tweaked, tested, tweaked some more, literally thousands of times,

Both of these images were processed with one of the “Comic Boy” presets. It took about 5 seconds to go from a RAW file to these, but of course I made some additional adjustments for the sake of the ad.