Made it back to Maui this evening. I apologize for being out of action for the last day, sometimes when I travel I have internet, sometimes I do not. Man, am I tired…it feels like its been non-stop for the last 3 weeks, and so much to do. I will drop a few easter eggs here: Tested out the next 2 Apps coming soon. They are completely new Apps, not updates, and they extremely useful. While photographers can use these Apps (and most likely will) they are targeted towards the more general iPhone user. Both are essentially finished, we are just adding additional features and polish. I know I will use both of them every single day simply because I have a need for them.

The Business Crash Course is about a week from wrapping. I am excited to finish it ASAP and get it out before the Holidays.

Over 2200 Images to go through for the contest…I am working on this and getting help to work on it too. So many great images from all over the world. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please keep an eye on the blog as we will be posting these as soon as we have gone through them.

Came home to a Brand New 60D sitting here waiting for me from BH Photo. Need to get start breaking that thing down and doing some tests.

Like I said, …lots to catch up on tomorrow.

Still needing to finish the 365. I will…eventually…This shot was taken right after I walked off the plane. I love arriving to the Kahuhui Airport…it just feels like home! Behind me is a beautiful view complete with sunset, north Maui and palm trees, so why this ugly shot of the airport? Well, to be a 365, I have to be in it….taken with my iphone. Can you see me? I sorta miss doing the 365 everyday- only 16 more shots left.