Was digging through some really old images and found this from the Canon 580 Speedlite DVD. I becoming more and more a fan of having as minimal gear as possible, and attracting as little attention as possible. It seems that the more gear you have, the more unwanted attention it attracts. This set up was for the ‘long exposures” video, and while one woman picked up on what I was doing (she actually came up, sat down and quietly listened without saying anything until I was finished), most passerby’s ignore me completely.

Audio was fed in through a wireless mic, I used the white foam board for fill and held it place with my bag tripod cord. Slapped the camera on my tripod, used live view to compose, flipped lens switch to manual, focused on plane where I expected my head to line up, and did some tests. Once I felt I had a good set up, I shot the 5 minute clip in one take.